As some of you might know I like to offer help to fellow Softwerkers around the world from time to time. I see that as a great opportunity to combine and enjoy several positive aspects: offering help and experience, community building, an opportunity to peek over the own horizon by getting to know others, a geeky hobby and last but not least simply practicing my coding skills…

Today I came upon a question about the creation of nested structures, one of the great riddles that probably only geeks experience as “interesting”. Although I doubt that the desired data architecture chosen by the original questioner is a good one I accepted the challenge and implemented a small demonstration of a reference based approach to building such a structure. Continue reading “Building of nested structures in data processing implementations” »

arkascha on November 9th, 2016

After having started experimenting with my new electronic percussion kit I quickly started musing about situations where I could participate in jams and sessions. Since besides the social aspect that obviously is the best way to learn and make progress! Pretty soon one of the major drawbacks of an electronic drum or percussion device got obvious: you need electricity!

This certainly is not an issue on stage or in an exercise room. But what about outside? That is a typical use for drums: nature, beaches, evenings in parks, not to mention the legendary drum session at the beach in Valle Gran Rey on La Gomera at sun set…

That is why I decided to get a battery pack for my drum! Fine. Great plan. That is, actually, not fine, since it turned out to be not that easy to find a battery that combines a few requirements I had in mind…
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arkascha on September 26th, 2016

I was recently given this nice postcard by people that became very dear to me. It has some personal farewell greetings written on it. Meant as a motivation for my current journey!



arkascha on November 11th, 2015

Whilst searching for some other owncloud feature I just saw another mentioning of one of my old apps I implemented for owncloud, the “FluXX Compensator (Y)”:
5 recommended OwnCloud plugins
It’s a bit sad that I had to abandon those apps…

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A bit over two years ago I posted a description of my solution to simplify and automate the inclusion of those small tracking snippets that allow to analyse visitor impact and behavior on your web sites: Piwik tracking & snippet inclusion. Approach and solution are not specific in any way to the open source software Piwik I personally chose for this purpose. The same applies to comparable offers, namely the ever present google analytics which does exactly the same as Piwik, except that you obviously hand over all your private data to the big octopus too 🙁

Back then I described how to setup and configure an http server to automatically inject the snippet at the bottom of all delivered html documents requested from that server, regardless of which actual site (domain or host) has been requested. Now, more than two years later I wanted to apply that solution to further documents, which turned out to be a small challenge…

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