arkascha on Juni 23rd, 2024

I started a bit of sculpting some years ago. Stone carving. Using white marble. In Italy, Carrara, where else? Just for fun … (errr „fun“? T’is tough work, mate!)

The first experience in that direction was an intriguing one. I loved the challenge, hard work, challenging circumstances, an unbelievable slow progress. As somewhat typical for me I managed to keep focus, endured what obstacles came into way and succeeded to finalize my first stone. Brought it home. Being damn proud of that result.

My thoughts came back to that work from time to time. I tried to find a suitable place at home, soon I had to realize that the center of a city like Hamburg does not exactly offer itself for such stuff. Potential locations where either situated too much embedded in living quarters (tried, but backed away from starting a social war …), too far out for a regular work beside my profession (a two hour bike ride is great, _now and then_ …) or simply far too expensive for a past time of a few hours a month. So I participated in a few courses, experienced some drawbacks in the pandemic years, finally returned to Italy where such work is more common.

Today I share a small rental studio in the west of Hamburg with a like minded, experienced person. I finished three and a half stones (did I mention it is a slow progressing work and that I can invest only a few hours a month?). One of these is actually exhibited in a half public office floor in Alster City in Hamburg. YeeHaw.

I threw together a simple presentation of the stones. Have a look if you are interested:

arkascha on September 29th, 2022

Der Túnel de la Engaña ist eines dieser Monumente menschlichen Strebens, dass einem gleichermaßen zurückschrecken lässt und auch Respekt abverlangt. Er ist Teil eines ambitionierten Infrastrukturprojekts, dass aber nie vollendet wurde. Ziel war eine zweigleisige Eisenbahnverbindung zwischen dem Hafen von Santander an der spanischen Nordküste und dem wirtschaftichen Zentrum Burgos in der Provinz Kastilien und Leon südlich des trennenden kantabrischen Gebirges.

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arkascha on September 28th, 2022

Oberhalb des Dorfes Vera de Pas steigt das Tal von Yera auf in das kantabrische Gebirge. Eine bäuerliche Landschaft, geprägt von steilen Bergflanken, üppiger Vegetation und allgegenwärtigem Wasser in jeder denkbaren Form.

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arkascha on September 27th, 2022

Nach einer etwas anstrengenden Anreise, bei der aber letztlich wie immer doch alles irgendwie geklappt hat, habe ich für ein paar Tage Unterkunft in der Molina de Yera gefunden, der alten Mühle unterhalb des Dorfes Yera.

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arkascha on August 12th, 2020

A while ago I wrote about the Configuration of wireguard as a personal VPN solution. Now, after using that setup for four month as a standard it is time to look back and summarize my personal findings.

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