As some of you might know I like to offer help to fellow Softwerkers around the world from time to time. I see that as a great opportunity to combine and enjoy several positive aspects: offering help and experience, community building, an opportunity to peek over the own horizon by getting to know others, a […]

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A bit over two years ago I posted a description of my solution to simplify and automate the inclusion of those small tracking snippets that allow to analyse visitor impact and behavior on your web sites: Piwik tracking & snippet inclusion. Approach and solution are not specific in any way to the open source software […]

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As stated many many times I stopped maintaining “my” ownCloud apps, those four little helpers you can add to your ownCloud installation to extend it with additional features. Back then designing, implementing and maintaining them was fun and allowed me to learn quite a lot about that type of web technology. The decision to stop […]

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arkascha on March 5th, 2014

Every once in a while when working on some software project you require some utilities and tools to test your approach. Usually when looking around you will find a wealth of options for such purposes, often even free software with all its advantages of being able to adapt and enhance it as required. So typically […]

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arkascha on August 30th, 2013

Im App-Store des owncloud-Projekts wurde ein “Mobile compatible theme” veröffentlicht. Ziel ist es, die owncloud Oberfläche besser an mobile Endgeräte anzupassen, dort also besser nutzbar zu machen. Diese Geräte haben ja einen kleinen Bildschirm, geringere Auflösung und werden per Touchscreen bedient, was in Relation gesehen ungenauer ist als eine Maus. Ich habe mich über einen […]

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