Every once in a while when working on some software project you require some utilities and tools to test your approach. Usually when looking around you will find a wealth of options for such purposes, often even free software with all its advantages of being able to adapt and enhance it as required. So typically it is more a question of having to decide upon which one than of searching for it. But sometimes it turns out that your requirements are simply too narrow, too special to be fulfilled by some available solution. In such cases you either have to skip testing (rarely a good idea…), radically change your testing strategy, or you simply craft your own utility perfectly tailored to your needs.

This is the story behind the „queueue counter“ which I just finished. Here is an impression of how it currently looks, although the core display actually is very flexible in its optical appearance. It is fun to play around with and allowed me to learn some more valuable tricks during the implementation.

Example appearance

Wanna give it a try? Just grab the package, unpack it in your local file system and point a web browser to its top level index file. Or just simply click the screenshot above…

Oh, and just don’t ask what „queueue“ is… you will learn later 😉

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